Acrylic is the most durabie form of enhancement. It’s recommended for those with naturally week & brittle nails. This is the most popular & hardest form of enhancement due to its durablity & low maintenance.
Acrylic Full Set $22 up
Acrylic Fill ins $15 up

Pink & White

Pink & White Acrylic also called “permanent French” or “Two Tone”. It is the most popular look among women. It is classic, clean, natural, shiny & ready to go without the wait of polish to dry or polish wearing off. Its non-yellowing formula is done in a double process with white powder for the free edge & pink powder for the nail bed.
Full Set (Pink & White) $45 up
Fill Ins (Pink & White) $35 up
Pink Fill Only $25 up


Gel is a great coating over natral or acrylic nails. Gel will keep nails shiny without polish. It is recommeded for those who constantly work with their hands & dont’s want to worry about their shine fading.
Powder Gel Full Set $35 up
Powder Gel Fill In $23 up
Liquid Gel Full Set $40 up
Liquid Gel Fill In $25 up
Shellac (Gel Polish) – 14 day wear $20
A new trend of polish. If you do many things with your hands, but can’t eep polish on, this is just for you. Shellac is a polish with gel ingredients which is sealed off by UV lights. This polish will not leave nails damaged. This will help your real nails grow to the length you deserve. Shellac polish will always be shiny & beautiful.
Shellac (Gel Polish) with Manicure $30

Additional Services

French Manicure (with service) $5
Hand (without service) $7
Feet (without service) $10
Nail Design Single $3 up
Full Set $10 up
Nail Repair $3 up
Polish Change (Hands) $7
Polish Change (Feet) $10
Take Off Acrylic (without service) $10
Take Off Acrylic (with new set) $5
Acrylic Cut Down (without service) $10
Acrylic Cut Down (with new set) $5
Paraffin Treatment Hands $6
Paraffin Treatment Feet $8


Eyebrow $8
Half Arms $22 up
Upper Lip $7
Full Arms $35 up
Chin $7 up
Full Face $30 up
Full Legs $50 up
Eyebrow, upper lip & Chin Combo $20 up
Brazilian $40 up
Under Arms $18 up
Back $40 up
Bikini $30 up

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $25 up
Touch  – ups $15 up

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure $12
This manicure includes nail trim & shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming & condirioning, lotion massage & color polish of your choice.
Buff to perfect shine add $5
Signature Manicure $17
This treatment includes a basic manicure plus a sea salt exfoliation for the hands & arms, followed by hot towel wrap & a luxurious massage. Includes color of choice.
Regular Pedicure $22
This pedicure includes nail trim & shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming & conditioning, lotion massage follow with hot towels wrap, & color polish of your choices.
Signature Spa Pedicure $29
The Spa Pedicure plus a sensual foot & leg massage, a lavender scrub which will gently exfoliate all the dry skin exposing your radiance. A hot towel  wrap is then followed by a finishing lotion. Includes color polish of your choice.
Tropical Pedicure $36
Our Tropical Feet Paradise. An aromatic salt bath to soften calluses & cuticles as your nails are groomed to perfection; while your legs & feet are scrubbed & exfoliated thoroughly creating a wonderful cooling & softening sensation as your legs & feet dry with tangerine & lemongrass scent in paradise with a paraffin treatment.
Milk& Honey Pedicure $36
Dry or cracked feet? Try our ultra moisturizing pedicure! Immerse your feet in our milk. your nails and cuticles will be tamed and beautiful. Calluses and dry skin will be exfoliated and removed leaving a healthier and more radiant glow, followed by a paraffin treatment. Finally, an extended milk & honey butter with blended cream massage will finish off this moisturizing pedicure for the ultimate hydration.
Champagne & Rose Pedicure $36
Whether you just want to relax or have baby smooth feet, this ped-icure does the trick! Your nails and cuticles will be tamed & beautiful. Calluses and dry skin will be exfoliated & removed by using our mineral sea salts. Our champagne and rose scrub will leave your legs feeling rose petal soft and supple. This wonderful pedicure features a therapeutic leg & foot massage with champagne and rose butter cream and concludes this veryxtravagent experience with a paraffin treatment.
Mango Spa Pedicure $36
Enjoy a delicious fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the tropics. The Mango Pedicure ultilizes mango derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells & calluses. The enzyme removes the top layers of skin, leaving a younger smooth skin with uniform pigmentation. The skin is then enveloped in a rich butter cream that contains shea butter, Vitamins A, C, D, E for softer, silkier, smoother skin.
Regular Pedicure & Manicure Combo $32


Basic $35 up

Kid’s Menu (For children 10 & under)

Princess Manicure $9
Princess Pedicure $16
Polish Change (hands) $4
Polish Change (feet) $6
Princess Manicure & Pedicure Combo $23
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